Stacie Harrison


A graduate of the BFA program at the University of Calgary, Stacie was the founder and Artistic Director of Shakespeare in the Valley in Cochrane, Alberta and is an actor, director, producer and acting instructor. She is the co-founder of Any Road Productions, along with Kirsten Lankester.

Stacie’s film credits include Clearwater (Rockwell White and Patryk Terelak), Chasing Justice (Voice Pictures), Realization (Sandi Somers and Corey Lee), Jann (SEVEN24), (Don’t Ever Look Back (The Light Factory), Faultline (Any Road Productions/Gutterball), Damnation (USA Network), Don’t Look Back (Shred Kelly/The Light Factory), Heartland (seven24 Films/CBC), Faultline (Quirkgirl/Gutterball), Wynonna Earp (SyFy), Heritage Minutes: Viola Desmond (Corkscrew Media), Who Is Riley Oakes (Mytheltic Films/QuirkGirl Productions), Dryland (Haywood Films/Green Productions) and My Misspent Youth (By award winning filmmaker, Cam Christiansen/Anlanda).

Select theatre credits include A Beautiful New City (Rogues Theatre), A Beautiful View (Sage Theatre), A Beautiful Average (Uproar /Downstage), Dying City (Pangloss Productions), The Frozen Limit (theatreBOOM), Marion Bridge (UBC), Brooklyn Says It’s An Onion (UBC), Email Diaries, (Solocentric/OYR), Dangerous Corner (Seraph Theatre).

Select directing credits include The Surrogate (Lunchbox Theatre), An Almost Perfect Thing (New West Theatre), He Said, She Said (Lunchbox Theatre), The After (Anchor|Red), A Man of the North (FUSE Theatre Calgary), Love’s Labour’s Lost (Shakespeare Company), The Dreamer Examines His Pillow and Dinner with Friends (Rogues Theatre), Melody at Interobang and Down to the Ground (Dark Forest Theatre), Maize (Solocentric), Laughing Wild, Talk to Me Like the Rain, The Tempest, Much Ado About Nothing, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Dangerous Corner (Seraph Theatre) and Balcony (The Shakespeare Company).

Stacie’s assistant directing credits include Vintage Hitchcock (Vertigo Theatre), Bashir Lazhar (Associate Director) (Downstage), Doubt and Retreat from Moscow (Theatre Calgary), The Full Monty (GZT/Hit & Myth) and Mystery at Greenfingers (Vertigo Theatre). Stacie is the recipient of the first inaugural Stinger Award for Best Actress for Faultline.

Classes: Seasonal Workshops

 “Having studied acting for several years, both in Australia and Canada, I can say without question that the standard of teaching at Company of Rogues is simply a cut above. I have not only had the opportunity to study Meisner with Stacie Harrison, but have also worked with her in private coaching sessions. Her knowledge of the technique, layered with her incredible ability to make uncannily astute observations of myself and my fellow students, each with their own unique set of talents and obstacles to overcome as actors -allowed for a profound learning curve. Stacie creates a working space that is both safe and yet challenges the actor to continuously push boundaries and find new depths in their work. I feel after working with Stacie and the rest of the Rogues family that I am finally and truthfully learning what it means to be an actor.” – Fiona Morris, Rogues Alumnus, Vancouver based Actor

Stacie Teaching 2

“Take a class from Stacie. Take many. She’s one of the best teachers I’ve had – through all my education. I always felt in Stacie’s classes that she brought as much energy (or more?) to my work than I did. Blessed with a bright sense of humour, a deep acting toolkit, an open heart, and a keen eye for bullshit, her feedback is always insightful, suggestive not prescriptive, and delivered in a way you can immediately press into service. Over many classes, I’ve seen her meet her students at their level, whatever that happened to be, and help them advance – often through significant breakthroughs – in this demanding, fulfilling, and sometimes elusive craft. Like I said, take a class!” – Larry Hoffman, Rogues Alumnus, Calgary based Actor