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Rogues Theatre presents the world premiere of The West End by Christiane Hirt

Directed by Joe-Norman Shaw

The West End:

Emma Wood is a 13 year old latch-key kid growing up in Vancouver’s West End during the late 70’s. Famous as Western Canada’s largest gay (LGBTQ) community, Emma’s lonely adolescence transforms when she meets two gay men who change her life forever. From the sexual revolution of the 70’s through to the AID’s crisis of the 80’s these three unlikely souls become inextricably intertwined in a heartfelt coming of age story that encompasses the growing pains of life, love, sexual identification, self acceptance and a community who continues to thrive in good times and bad.

Auditions will be held on Friday, January 11 at Company of Rogues Actors’ Studio (2nd floor, 1232 17th Ave SW) starting at 3:00-7:00 PM, more details to come. Auditions will be readings from the script. Actors auditioning for Teddy should come prepared to sing and dance. See character notes for more information.

Rehearsal details: TBA- possible weekday mornings, Friday afternoons and weekend days

Production dates are May 1-11 in the Joyce Doolittle Theatre at the Pumphouse Theatre.


Setting: The West End, Vancouver, British Columbia
Time Period: 1978-1983

EMMA WOOD: (13-18)  CAST. A latch-key kid and native of the West End, Emma grew up pretty much by herself. Her mother is a singer who’s on the road more often than she is at home – Emma doesn’t talk about her absent and long-gone father. Emma has no censor and says what she thinks. An avid reader, Emma learns about the world through her books. Emma prefers to spend her time reading on the rooftop of her three-story walk up. Emma is acerbic, vulnerable, funny despite herself, and intelligent. Having few friends and no real family, Emma shares her thoughts with the Seagull: Friend, confessor and conscience, who circles above her. In him she invests her dreams and darkest secrets– hoping that he can fly her yearnings to a place where her wish for a better life may come true.

WILL ARTHURS: (37- 42) A recent transplant to Vancouver’s West End, Will is an architect by trade with an elegant, intelligent and compassionate disposition. Recently divorced, Will lost custody of his son due to his sexual orientation – something that haunts him – Will strongly believes in his right to be a father. Still coming to terms with his homosexuality, Will is an idealist and perfectionist and has a short fuse where arrogance and ignorance are concerned. A deep thinker, Will navigates the world with discernment and consideration of others but is often disappointed when reality doesn’t meet his high standards and expectations.

TEDDY DESJARDIN: (28-33) Drag Queen extraordinaire, Teddy is a West End celebrity famous for his irreverent and highly entertaining shows. Originally from Montreal, Teddy lights up a room with his innate joie de vivre. He is worldly, uninhibited and celebrates his sexuality thereby giving others permission to do the same. A force of nature, Teddy shakes up the status quo putting love (in all its forms) above social mores and throws convention to the curb, especially where Emma is concerned. Actors should prepare a song with choreography for their audition.

LUCY WOOD: (30) Emma’s mother. Lucy had Emma at 17 and thirteen years later is still not prepared to be a mother. Lucy denies the dark past she and Emma share by “hitting the road” on her singing tours. 

MISS SINCLAIRE: (50-80) West End native, Miss Sinclaire is the family’s curmudgeonly landlady. With an opinionated heart of gold and a sibilant, pack-a-day smokers voice, Miss Sinclaire peppers her assertions with outrageous alliterations and is always ready to fight the good fight.

We cast from Rogues current students, alumnae and faculty.

We encourage all qualified candidates to submit their resume and headshot by the deadline: Monday January 7 with the subject line “The West End Audition” to our Artistic Director Joe-Norman Shaw at Actors should include their most recent headshot and resume.

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