Adult Courses


Students will explore the fundamentals of acting through partnered scene work. Class work includes improvisation, scene analysis, character development and playing for truth. Scenes will be developed with the instructor’s guidance over the course of six weeks; some rehearsal is required outside of class time.

Pre-Requisite Course for all beginner to intermediate actors
Schedule: Saturdays 1:30-5:30pm | 6 weeks
Instructor: Aaron Coates


For this online scene study class, we’re changing things up to give you a new approach for the new normal. You’ll be paired up with a partner (or you can request a partner who is also signing up for the course) and you will work on a scene for 4 weeks. You’ll begin with an in-depth analysis of the scene, followed by an improvised character interview, and then two sessions of scene work. Scenes will be chosen expressly for suitability of online performance. Your instructor will call you in advance of the first class to discuss your goals, your interests, and the type of work that will most challenge you. Working with just your partner and the instructor, you’ll get personalized feedback and a process that is tailored to you.

This class is suitable for all levels. If you’re a beginner, we’ll work from the essentials. If you’re an intermediate or advanced performer, we’ll look at more complex roles with different kinds of demands. Outside rehearsal time with your partner is expected between classes.  You will be given specific homework instructions each week, so you can get the most out of your instructor sessions.

This class is flexible. You might like to work on one of the great roles, or perhaps you’re looking for a role outside of your comfort zone, or something that challenges you in a specific way. We’d love to discuss the possibilities!

Can be taken in place of Essentials of Acting
Schedule: 4 classes, 2 people per class | One 30-minute slot/week between the hours of 1:30-5:30 PM Saturdays
Instructor: Aaron Coates


The fundamentals of on-camera technique are introduced through scene work and an exploration of the audition process. The actor works on new sides (scenes) each week, with the emphasis on crafting an authentic performance for the camera. This six-week class culminates in a simulated audition. Includes discussion on the business of acting and related topics.

Schedule: Saturdays 10:00am-1:30pm | 6 weeks (offered Tuesdays 6:30-10:00pm in the spring)
Prerequisite: Essentials of Acting or equivalent
Instructor: Joe-Norman Shaw


Learn the fundamentals of Improvisation in a fun, low stakes environment. With an emphasis on embracing failure and being positive, participants will learn how to connect with their partner and let the comedy of the scene naturally arise. A blend of long and short form techniques will push participants to selflessly embrace their partner’s ideas while sharpening their listening skills. 

Schedule: Sundays 1-4pm | 10 weeks
Instructor: Anyssa McKee


“Working from the truth of yourself”
Sanford Meisner believed that “…until an actor is a more honest human being, only then is an actor ready to act”. To achieve these ends he developed his two seminal exercises, Word Repetition (active listening, impulse and truthful behaviour) and Improvisation (living truthfully under the imaginary circumstances, moment to unanticipated moment) that comprise the core of this class. Actors are encouraged to work from their truthful, spontaneous and imaginative selves. This is an exciting forum of self exploration and expression, designed for those individuals who are dedicated to evolving a deep and personal acting process.

Schedule: Wednesdays 6:30pm-10:00pm | 11 weeks
Prerequisite: Essentials of Acting or equivalent (acceptance by interview only)
Instructors: Sally Cacic


Film is behaviour, and actors will explore advanced film technique to inspire potent human behaviour within each individual, rendering a more compelling and unique performance. The class is designed to strengthen film foundation through sophisticated scene work and refining an actor’s repertoire with nuance, subtlety and emotional life. With each term, a new focus: Fall: Insight Winter: Story & Character Arc Spring: Audition

Schedule: Mondays 12:00-3:30pm | 11 weeks  | Intermediate
Wednesdays 6:30-10:00pm | 11 weeks  |  Advanced
Prerequisite: Essentials of Film & TV (acceptance by interview only)
Instructor: Joe-Norman Shaw


Participants will learn the essentials of screenplay craft—story, structure, plot, character, conflict, and theme—and apply to a project they wish to develop. Writers will have opportunities to share their own work and receive feedback if they so choose. What are the differences between writing for film and writing for television? What is a plot point? How does one get scripts into the hands of producers? These topics and many more will be covered in this intensive course.

Schedule: Saturdays (Winter) 2:30-4:30pm | 10 weeks
Instructor: Jason Long


The evolution of a scene from first read to performance. Employing in-depth scene analysis, rehearsal techniques, and stage craft, actors will engage in a rigorous rehearsal process working towards a final performance. Each student will work on two scenes per session—one contemporary and one classic—learning how to apply their process no matter what the material may be. Each session focuses on a different writer, genre or era, culminating a year of well-rounded work.

Schedule: Thursdays 6:30-10:00pm | 11 weeks
Prerequisite: Essentials of Acting or Equivalent (enrolment at instructor’s discretion)
Instructors: Aaron Coates


A night where you can expand your abilities by trying out different types of scenes and styles of performance. Scene study applies across all mediums, whether it’s theatre, film, or audio drama/voiceover. An actor needs to have a clear and reliable approach that mines the text and turns it into action. Each session uses different styles of material, but will always involve scene analysis, playing truthfully and spontaneously, and strengthening the key
habits you need to be a successful performer.

Contemporary Scene Study (5 weeks) – Fall Part A
The focus of this class is scene work from plays written in the last 20 years. Learn about the types of writing that you will encounter in theatre, film, and TV.
Chekhov Scene Study (6 weeks) – Fall Part B
Work on scenes from plays by the great Anton Chekhov. Using modern adaptations of classics like The Seagull, The Cherry Orchard, Uncle Vanya, and The Three Sisters, you’ll learn how to bring these classics to life, and why actors come back to them over and over again.

Monologues (5 weeks) – Winter Part A
A single actor alone onstage, holding the audience’s attention. What do you do when it’s just you? We’ll look at the adjustments you make for monologues and use a variety of partner-based exercises to learn about solo work.
Comedy Scenes (6 weeks) – Winter Part B
Comedy is a deadly serious business! In this session, you’ll learn about how truthful acting and unbridled commitment makes comedy ignite. We’ll use a variety of classic and contemporary comedic scenes.

Scene Study with Active Analysis (5 weeks) – Spring Part A
Late in his life, the great Russian acting teacher Constantin Stanislavski developed a method of scene work called Active Analysis that got actors off the page and onto the stage immediately. From the beginning, you’ll use improvisation to discover how the scene works and then add the words of the text to understand the scene in a whole new way.
Clown (6 weeks) – Spring Part B
The wild card class and a Rogues favourite! No floppy shoes or colourful hair. Think of the great comic actors like Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, or Lucille Ball. In this class you’ll learn how your vulnerability, courage, and sense of fun can delight an audience. Rather than working from a script, we’ll discover your personal clown through improvisation.

Schedule: Thursdays 6:30-10:00pm | 11 weeks
Prerequisite: Essentials of Acting or Equivalent (enrolment at instructor’s discretion)
Instructors: Aaron Coates


Let the laughter begin! Through comedic scene work, actors will learn how to balance truthful performance with the often far-fetched realities of comedy. We’ll learn about the difference between the dramatic hero and the comedic hero, the importance of pace and timing, and bringing lightness and spontaneity to your work.

Schedule: Wednesdays (Spring Extra only) 6:30-10:00pm | 6 weeks
Prerequisite: Essentials of Acting or Equivalent (enrolment at instructor’s discretion)
Instructors: Aaron Coates


Exploring three important Eras through each term of study, this class works best as a full-year journey, providing the actor an opportunity to play some of the greatest roles ever written for the stage. In this class the instructor takes on the role of director, leading the actor through an in-depth rehearsal process that includes the staging of challenging scenes and monologues from Classical to Contemporary. To undergo this journey is to become a member of a dynamic ensemble of actors dedicated to imbuing their work with great artistry and humanity. With each term, a new focus: Fall: Modern Era Winter: Shakespeare Spring: Contemporary

Schedule: Mondays 6:30-10:00pm | 11 weeks
Prerequisite: Scene Study (enrolment at instructor’s discretion)
Instructor: Joe-Norman Shaw


A workshop for those interested in writing for the stage. Through a series of practical writing assignments, we will explore elements of playwriting including dialogue, character development, setting, theme, conflict and other aspects of drama. Participants will be expected to read the work of fellow writers and offer constructive feedback. Our goal is for each participant to create one substantial scene that could eventually be developed into a complete play.

Schedule: Saturdays (Fall only) 2:30-4:30pm | 10 weeks
Instructor: Eugene Stickland


“Don’t pick up the cues, pick up the impulses.”
An exploration of the foundation of the Meisner technique, this class will focus on The Art of Listening through Word Repetition, Understanding Emotional Preparation, The Reality of Doing through creating Public Solitude, and Working Truthfully Under the Imaginary Circumstances as well as Heightening Conflict with Hidden Agenda and creating specificity through Disability/Disorder.

Schedule: Tuesdays 6:30-10:00pm | 11 weeks
Prerequisite: Essential Meisner (acceptance by interview only)
Instructors: Sally Cacic


Movement: Finding freedom and the spirit of play: by first identifying current movement patterns the actor works towards transforming their body into a more effective and supple instrument of expression. Utilizing the principles and exercises of Jacques Lecoq, Philippe Gaulier, John Wright, and Anne Bogart, students will learn to work from impulse, integrate physical tools, and strengthen their presence in performance. As well as the core exercises, the class may include Neutral Mask, Greek Tragedy, Clown, and Bouffon.

Schedule: Saturdays 10:00-11:30am | 11 weeks
Instructor: Aaron Coates

Voice: Finding an organic connection to breath and voice; in this class the actor is encouraged to open the body to breath and sound, freeing the voice and discovering the truth of the moment. A well trained voice brings more range and emotional depth to the actor’s performance for both stage and film.

Schedule: Saturdays 11:30am-1pm | 11 weeks
Instructor: Paul Welch


Are you looking to prep a song for an audition? Do you want to get more comfortable singing songs you like? In this class, students will choose their own songs to work on for potential auditions as well as instructor chosen songs that will be sung as a group. Students can expect to learn warm-up techniques/exercises, basic musical vocabulary, the physical make-up of the vocal system, tips and tricks of the trade and how to incorporate acting into a vocal performance. The goal of this course is to help students gain confidence in their individual singing ability as well as understand and better operate within a musical environment, specifically in an audition situation. This is suitable for students with varying levels of singing and acting ability.

Schedule: Sundays 10am-12:30pm | 6 weeks
Including Friday Showcase 7-9:30 PM
Instructor: Melissa Dorsey


Perhaps you’re at the end of your acting classes. Maybe you’ve only taken one or two classes. Either way, you may be asking yourself “how do I actually get acting work?” The answer is much more than find an agent or wait for the phone to ring.

This class will be split into two parts. The first half of class will be spent working on the monologue audition. We’ll look at where you find monologues, how you determine which material is right for you or for a specific audition, and how you perform them. And we’ll go through every aspect of the audition experience: from the moment you see an audition notice to the walk out the door when you’re finished.

The second half of the class will look at preparing yourself for the industry. You’ll find out what sort of work is available and learn some practical steps to get that work. You’ll build up your industry knowledge and learn about the nuts and bolts of an actor’s life. We’ll cover topics such as: business principles for actors, grant-writing, industry etiquette, getting an agent, headshots and resumes, and most importantly, how to create your own opportunities.

Schedule: Tuesdays 6:30-10:00pm (Spring Extra only) | 6 weeks
Prerequisites: Master Class Recommended
Instructor: Aaron Coates


The Rogues classic is back. A group of dedicated actors rehearse a play under professional conditions, then mount the show for three public performances in the final two days of the course. As demanding and challenging as it is rewarding, the Performance Intensive is designed for anyone seeking to gain experience both on stage and in the rehearsal process, regardless if this is their first publicly-performed play or their fiftieth.

Schedule: 2 Sessions: June & July
Prerequisite: Essentials of Acting or Equivalent (Scene Study recommended)
Instructor: Aaron Coates

 To register, or for more information on any of the above courses please call our Studio Coordinator at 403.228.5526 or email