Upcoming Workshops & Intensives


Whether you’re seeking an introduction to the Meisner Technique or a chance to brush up on your work, the Meisner Intensive will serve either of these purposes. Over the course of five consecutive evenings, students will participate in Meisner’s word repetition exercise and improv exercises, culling from the actor emotional authenticity by working truthfully off their partner, moment to unanticipated moment. A strong introduction for those thinking of taking the Meisner Technique class in the Fall and a great way to gain more experience for those who have already undertaken this training.
*Entry by Instructor Approval

Monday, August 19-23, 2019
6-10 PM
Cost: $425 + GST
Instructor: Stacie Harrison


In this combined levels class, students will embrace failure & being positive, and learn to connect with their partner, letting the comedy of the scene naturally arise, while working at their current level of IMPROV training in a completely customized setting. Students with previous IMPROV experience will have the opportunity to work with students of their experience level, on customized high-level material and delve into the creating the architecture of an improvised scene.

Sunday, August 11 to September 1, 2019
1-4 PM
Cost: $175 + GST
Instructor: Anyssa Allen