The Master Class Program

Company of Rogues’ Master Class Program is the post-secondary option with a difference! 

Our 2-year professional training program is intended to provide the student actor with an intense level of training under the highest caliber of professional instruction. The Master Class Program consists of three primary streams of study:  Scene Study, Meisner Technique, Acting for Film & Television, plus performance based work.

Our studio is deeply immersed in the vibrant theatre and film communities in both, Calgary, Alberta and Vancouver, B.C.  Our actors are sought after by local/regional casting directors, filmmakers and theatre companies alike.

Furthermore, at Rogues all of our instructors are working professionals who offer the highest quality of instruction and mentorship; providing career counselling and guidance even beyond the term of the program. 

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Master Class Information Package

“I am and will always be in debt to The Rogues Actor’s Studio. After moving here from Regina and taking classes at the studio, it quickly became a home and a safe haven for me to explore the craft of acting. Not only the acting though, over the past two years that I studied there I have grown more as a person; mentally, emotionally and spiritually than I ever have in my entire life. Both Joe and Christiane have instilled in me a respect for the craft and a work ethic that has helped me reach my goals in the professional world. The passion they bring to the studio every day is inspiring and the tools they pass on through their teaching is what I truly believe are the essentials to real, potent, honest, stimulating acting. Their approach is pure; devoid of any of the tricks or superficial techniques that plague our craft.They believe in the importance of the role of the actor in today’s society and they promote the art as not only an art, but as a way of life, an attitude, an ethos. I truly believe that the Studio helped me to discover my true self and to realize my true aspirations in life.”
– Alexander Arsenault, Rogues Alumnus