How To Apply

Prospects interested in the Master Class Program should submit an electronic actors’ resume and headshot, accompanied by a thoughtful letter of interest and intent, detailing any previous training and experience and why they’ve chosen to apply to the Company of Rogues Actors’ Studio Master Class Program at this time.

All applications can be sent to: with the subject “Master Class Application.” Those selected for further consideration will be given an interview & working audition before our intake panel, and will be contacted by the Studio Coordinator with further information.

Master Class Interviews
Admission to our program is very competitive and we scrutinize each application carefully. We believe that a professional, intellectual application process between students and faculty is a necessary ingredient of a successful program, to ensure the best applicants are accepted for the academic year. We interview all applicants and consider their ability to exhibit the right combination of desire, skill, teachability, work ethic and attitude, as well as any previous work that will enable them to do well in our Master Class Program.

Master Class Auditions
Auditions are held in person with our Studio Director and a panel of our Instructors.  Auditions involve the presentation of one contemporary monologue of your choice, two minutes in duration. These auditions are designed to be a working session with our Studio Director and Instructors. We are not looking for performance-ready actors, but actors who show a natural ability and an eagerness to learn.

Please bring in a hardcopy of your headshot and resume or photo and letter of interest to the audition.