Sally Cacic

Studio Coordinator & Instructor

Sally Cacic is a West Australian actor, director and producer of Slavic descent. Exposed to music and performing arts at a young age as great niece to famed Australian bass-baritone Bruce Martin, Sally first trained in classical ballet and jazz piano before beginning her actor training in later years.

Sally is a graduate of Company of Rogues Actors’ Studio Master Class Program and StageMilk Drama School, and an ongoing member of StageMilk Drama Club in Australia. She trained in acting technique for stage, TV and film, voice and movement and clown, in the teachings and interpretations of Constantine Stanislavski, Sanford Meisner and Uta Hagan, and continues to train under many internationally renowned acting teachers worldwide. Sally apprenticed to teach the Meisner Program under the mentorship of Stacie Harrison and Film & TV under Joe-Norman Shaw. She is the co-founder of The Brolly Shelf Productions, an all-female production company based in Calgary, Alberta. Sally won the Outstanding Director Award for Night Ducks’ production of “Seagulls” at the Calgary One Act Play Festival in 2022, and has sat on the Adjudicator Panel for “Best Performer Award” at Okotoks Film Festival both years running in 2022 and 2023. Sally is also one of Calgary’s prominent private self-tape and audition coaches for children, teens and adults.

Select film credits include Fargo (FX/MGM Networks), Bright Hill Road (Nevermine Films), The Little Things (Shotlist Films), The Hundy (AMPIA Rosie Award Winner 2017), Joy To The World (AMPIA Rosie Award Nominee 2017), Within (Konscious Pictures), The Stalker (Late Night Pictures), The Automation (Late Night Pictures), The Hitchhiker (Chirping Bird Films).

Select theatre & dance credits include The Miracle Worker (Workshop Theatre), Come Home (Urban Stories Theatre), Laughter (Urban Stories Theatre), How To Almost Be An Adult (Urban Stories Theatre), Late Night At The Plaza (Late Night Productions), and Australian productions A Chorus Line (The Old Mill Theatre), and Beauty & The Beast (The Ballet Company).

Classes: Essential Meisner  | Advanced Meisner | Teen: Film & TV | Self-Tape Technique for Actors
Teacher Assistant: Intermediate Film & TV | Advanced Film & TV
Private Coaching available upon request

“Sally is an insightful and well-rounded person who’s love for the wide world of acting comes through in her teaching. Her dedication and encouragement are balanced with honesty and experience. Sally’s humility has allowed me to strip down and be myself, but more importantly to be seen by others which has helped me not only with my acting but in my personal life as well. I have had the pleasure of learning in a positive environment which I am forever grateful for.” – Wrama Willis, Actor

“Sally’s respect and love for the craft is what makes her teaching stand out; when she gives notes she knows just what to say for each person. She knows exactly where my strengths are and what I need to work on. Her constructive criticism is marvellous, as she doesn’t focus on the negative, but instead highlights areas where she can see my unique potential coming through. Her knowledge always makes me want to work harder and become a better actor, which is the best feeling in the world.” – Chance Freihaut, Rogues Alumni

“Thank you Sally once again, for showing your commitment to my daughter Autumn! Your ability to transform and bring out her creativity through acting is next to none. My daughter loves working with you and enjoys your positivity and sense of humour when trying to bring out her best work. If it wasn’t for you and your willingness to work with Autumn we would be lost. We love you!” – Arlene & Autumn Thom, Actor & Dancer

“Sally is someone who epitomizes depth. She continually demonstrates her dedication to the craft of acting and her students. I appreciate Sally’s sunny spirit which feeds into her compassionate and straight forward approach to teaching. She has a hunger to grow and share relevant industry knowledge with her students.” – Sandy Lawlor, Rogues Alumni

“Directing alongside with Sally was eye-opening and I can’t wait to work more with her! I am going to learn so much! Sally has an amazing ability to quickly and confidently direct actors. Even in the most subtle ways she finds their strengths and gets great performances out of them!”  – Chris Friesen, Director/Producer, Shotlist Films