Policies & Covid Protocols

Note: For Covid-19 specific policies, please see below

Company of Rogues Actors’ Studio: Health and Safety Protocols & Policies during the Covid-19 Global Pandemic

Alberta Restrictions Exemption Program

Company of Rogues Ltd. is currently operating under the Alberta Restrictions Exemption Program. This means masks indoors remain mandatory and we are accepting proof of vaccination against Covid-19 by AHS QR Code from all current students in order for them to attend classes. If they are unable or unwilling to provide proof of vaccination, students may opt to show proof they have tested negative for COVID-19 on a Health Canada approved rapid antigen, rapid PCR, or lab based PCR test within 72 hours of each class, or provide a valid medical exemption is the original signed letter from a physician or nurse practitioner. For further information, interested parties may review the specifics of the Alberta Restrictions Exemption Program.

Smaller Class Sizes

We have implemented smaller class sizes, averaging 6-8, with a maximum of 10 (9 students plus 1 instructor). This will allow us to observe social distancing measures throughout your class experience. This includes entering/exiting the studio, as well as during both your time presenting and as audience. Our Instructors will also adjust exercises and classwork to maintain social distancing.

Cohort Groups

Some classes may create smaller cohort groups within the larger class structure to reduce the possibility of infection.

Precise Schedules

Students will be given time schedules to arrive and depart to ensure there is no congregating in the hallways.

Sanitizer Protocols

We will provide hand-sanitizer, encourage frequent hand-washing  and  follow sanitizing protocols in cleaning our studio space.

PPE and Masks

PPE and Masks are required to be worn for the entire duration of class. Actors presenting their work will wear a clear mask (provided by the studio) during film classes only (at all other times a cloth or disposable mask will be required), and will also need to bring their own PPE masking for the non-performing portions of class. It is incumbent on each actor to bring their masks to all classes and maintain their clear masks which can be easily cleaned with soap and warm water.

Taking Your Temperature

Instructors will take each actor’s temperature with a forehead thermometer prior to class. Actors exhibiting a fever will be asked to return home.


Stay at home if you are presenting ANY symptoms or feeling unwell- even if you don’t believe it’s Covid.

Compulsory Disclosure

In the event you are required to take a Covid test or believe you have been exposed to Covid-19, actors agree to disclose this information and the results of their test to Rogues immediately.

Covid Checklist

Rogues will provide a “Covid Checklist”  to assist you in assessing any symptoms before coming to class.


We encourage testing if experiencing symptoms and we insist on compulsory disclosure if you’ve been advised or required to take a Covid test.

Working Together

Student actors may be asked to assist with keeping the studio space tidy and clean both during and after class, to facilitate our frequent cleaning and sanitizing protocol procedures.

No Food

No food or food-like beverages in the studio

Some Beverages Permitted

Beverages like coffee, tea and water are allowed, but we ask actors to remove any containers after class.

Our Non-Negotiable Covid Policies

Any student attending classes, acknowledges that COVID-19 is contagious and accepts all risks for their own health and release and forever discharge Company of Rogues Ltd (DBA: Company of Rogues Actors’ Studio) from any and all manner of action as a result of any illness that may be suffered in any connection with your attendance or participation in classes or events at Company of Rogues Actors’ Studio and the Centre for Artistic Development (CAD). By attending classes, you agree to abide by all guidelines and protocols implemented at the studio for regular disinfecting and sanitizing and acknowledge these may evolve and change over time in keeping with the evolving health circumstances, as well as provincial and national regulations.

Student Obligations

As stated in the guidelines above, PPE and mask use at the studio is a mandatory condition of registration. PPE and masks must be worn in the studio at all times. Participants are responsible for supply and wearing their own PPE and keep it clean and sanitized. Clear masks will be provided for actors for use during performance. The first mask will be provided free and will be each student’s responsibility to bring to class and clean in between each class. Additional masks if damaged or misplace will be provided for a fee.

Sickness, Illness and Quarantine Policies

If you are presenting any symptoms or are feeling ill, you agree to absent yourself and inform the studio immediately. You are not to attend class until you are well, and no longer contagious. If circumstances require the studio to close, classes will continue on the online ZOOM platform.

Additional Covid Payment Policies

No refunds will be offered for withdrawal from classes as a result of moving to an online format, or smaller cohorts with varying class lengths, in the event that circumstances require the studio to close and classes return to the online ZOOM platform or adjust cohorts groupings to ensure student and instructor safety. These policies will co-exist and continue on from our existing and regular payment policies, which can be viewed at: corogues.com.