Teen Courses


Stage, Television and Film Training for Young Actors (13 -17yrs)

These classes are designed to improve your existing skills as a student actor, whether you are new to acting or actively auditioning. By introducing creative techniques the Instructor will guide you in your pursuit of a compelling authentic performance. Inspiring, active, and professionally instructed -Company of Rogues TEEN Acting Courses accomplish much more than the occasional workshop. By developing your skills over the course of six weeks a strong foundation and technique can be achieved.

“As the Company of Rogues Teen Program Director, I am so delighted to be sharing my passion for performance with the teen students. I have worked with teens for many years and I am excited to help them pursue their craft of acting. My approach is to create a safe environment for students to feel free to take risks in order to develop a path to authentic performance. Along the way they will learn practical information about the industry and techniques to help them deliver truthful performances.” – Meg Farhall, Teen Acting Program Director

Teen: Film Fundamentals

Explore on-camera technique and the audition experience through partnered scene work.  Students work with the Instructor to create an engaging character and authentic performance while learning to work creatively from the text. | 6 weeks

Instructor: Meg Farhall

“I have never felt more secure and able to take risks as I have with Meg Farhall. Her love of her trade and her personality is infectious, and has inspired not only me, but also many others who have had the privilege to take classes with her. Her dedication is clear within her coaching, allowing her students to thrive and develop themselves and their characters. Words cannot describe the thanks I owe to Meg as she gave me the tools necessary for me to pursue my acting career further.” – Alumnus, TEEN Acting Program 2011

Teen: Film & TV
A perfect opportunity for kids to get involved in the Film & Television industry, gaining valuable knowledge of the audition experience and on-camera technique . Students will work with the instructor on a selection of scenes from contemporary scripts, while learning to work creatively from the text. Emphasis is on making specific, informed and engaging choices to strengthen their on-camera performance. | 6 weeks

Instructor: Meg Farhall

“Classes were easy to follow, practical and very fun, it offers a great opportunity to gain confidence on camera and offers very useful tips and insight to understanding your character. I developed more as an actor in five weeks with Meg than I had in an entire year of drama in school.”Alumnus, TEEN Acting Program 2011

Teen: Acting Exploration
Explore the works of the great contemporary Canadian, American and British playwrights while learning to create a compelling character through partnered scene work.  Students undergo an in-depth rehearsal process working towards a final presentation of their work. In addition, children will take part in a series of comedic and non-comedic exercises and improvisation at the beginning of each class. | 6 weeks

Instructor: Meg Farhall

“The youth program taught by Meg Farhall at the Company of Rogues is the only “go to” place for young performers in Calgary.  As a working actor herself, Meg brings experience and insight to her teaching. She provides an introduction to an acting technique which we have not found offered anywhere else in the city.  The solid foundation Meg provides which the kids can build upon, is invaluable.  Her classes are fun and engaging and my daughter looks forward to each session!” – Barbara Dixon, parent